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$80.00 AUD

The Hello Sailor knocker will make you want to know just who lives behind that door. Your home is your port, so set the mood for your home at the first point of contact. Put it on your front door, back door or even bedroom door for a bit of fun.


Material: Blackened Iron

Size: H 15 x W 15 x D 3.5cm. Due to the hand-made nature of this product, dimensions may vary slightly.

Where to use: indoor & outdoor undercover

Care Notes: Due to the inherent properties of iron, when exposed to the air, salt and varied climates, oxidisation & patina will occur over time. A rub down of your product with Penetrol on a rag will help maintain the black colouration and lustre as well as treat any surface rust that may appear over time particularly in salty environments.

Installation Notes: Comes with complimentary screws. Screws are NOT hardened self-tappers, it’s recommended to pre-drill a pilot hole. Due to the handmade nature of this product, dimensions may vary slightly and it’s recommended to measure each fitting individually before fixing.

Origin: Designed in Australia, made in India

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