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In Hans Blomquist's new book Inspired by Nature, the stylist and art director identify the connection between our home environment and our emotional wellbeing.

Celebrated art director and stylist Hans begins by discussing the essential components of a well-loved home. Nature is at the heart of his decorating philosophy and contact with the natural world has been linked to reduced stress levels and improved mood. Still life’s and displays of treasured pieces are key to his look, and Hans explains how to style vignettes that will add visual interest as well as a connection to our past. Using contrasting yet harmonious textures will engage our senses, while his favoured earthy palette creates a sense of calm and tranquillity just where we need it most. Hans takes us on a tour of real-life homes that possess a sense of comfort, contentment, and beauty and will inspire the reader to create a home that offers a sanctuary from the wider world as well as the perfect place to welcome family and friends.




208 pages

Published: 2019

Size: L 26 x W22 x D 2cm



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