Muse Agora


$39.95 AUD

This reusable striped large linen bowl cover by Helen Round is handmade in Cornwall, UK. Perfect for parties and family gatherings.  Its elasticated edge covers large bowls, keeping food covered while out on the table, in the garden for a barbeque, in the fridge or while transporting.

Great for bread making, marinades and soaking fruit for cakes and puddings, helping to keep contents covered, yet breathable.



Material: 100% linen fabric that carries the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification

Size: Fits up to 45cm diameter bowls, serving dishes and casseroles

Breathable, keeps food fresh

Plastic-free, reusable and long lasting.

Handmade in Cornwall, UK by a skilled team of local artisans, using traditional methods.

Machine Washable at 30 degrees

Keeps bugs and flies away

Protects from dust or sand



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