Muse Agora


$74.95 AUD

Silicone, lightweight, low-tox, plastic-free - introducing Pelli's silicone nesting bowls in speckled stone effect circular bentos, perfect for rounding out your picnic or hearty lunch set up. The circular nesting set (700ml + 1300ml) is flexible by nature, perfect for a picnic salad bentos make the perfect Summer salad saver, or soup them up to turn last nights chowder into tomorrows healthy and hearty lunch break. 

Oven friendly and microwave safe, they can be used for hot and cold lunches, and even for cook and serve meals from oven to plate.  The press down lid is strong and secure, making spills less likely, and giving an airtight seal for fresher crisper snack on the run. Easy clean with a smooth, non-stick interior, wash with warm soapy water or pop in the dishwasher.  The silicone bento sets are designed with the ocean in mind, of the highest quality made from 100% food grade silicone, to last the test of time. 

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