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Road trips offer the ultimate freedom: long roads, stunning vistas, good conversation and singing along with the radio, not forgetting air drumming and guitar playing. And when you choose to stop somewhere out in nature, you’ll want something tasty to cook on your camping stove, campfire or portable barbecue. In Road Trip Cooking Arno and Mireille of the Holy Kauw Company in the Netherlands take you along a ride in their campervan. Their motto is simple: cooking and eating well is possible anytime, anywhere.

All the recipes in this book are simple to prepare and don’t require a well- equipped kitchen or well-stocked supermarket nearby. From the ultimate hangover breakfast or salad in a jar, to campfire nachos or ‘apple pie to go’ these recipes make most of classic and comfort-food dishes – yet only require some wood logs, a few ingredients, and matchsticks to create.

Arno and Mireille hope their book will make outdoor cooking even more fun than it already is. Let the journey begin!



159 pages

Size: L 25 x W 20 x D 1.5cm

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